About the MG T & Y REGISTER

The website is about the Register of MG T & Y type cars of members of the MG Club Car of Victoria, Australia. Here you will find our upcoming events, photos, regalia, the history of the cars and more.


Wednesday the 21st of February 2024 at 7.30pm

  • Our Bimonthly T and Y register at the clubrooms this mont. Naresh Jeganathan is bringing in his MGTC to view and discuss his recent work getting this vehicle back on the road.

     Fri 1st of March Twilight Run to Panton Hill Pub for Dinner


  • Come and enjoy a 40min run from the clubrooms to Panton Hill Pub for dinner. Starting from the clubrooms at 6pm or go directly there.
  • The run sheet from the clubrooms will be emailed to you the week before the run.
  • Note the Feb Magazine is incorrect. This Run is to Panton Hill Pub for Dinner not Fondata

Twilight Run 2024 to Panton Hill Run Sheet